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Buscamos inversionistas a nivel nacional e internacional, Nuestros clientes buscan financiamiento para desarrollo inmobiliario en Costa Rica. Contáctanos
Vendedores de bienes y raíces                                                                                                                                         It is a fast growing business concentrating in providing honest information to customers about Costa Rica Real Estate. As born citizens of Costa Rica our goal is to find the perfect place that meets your needs. We can help you find ideal locations for living, retiring, or investing in Costa Rica. Our representatives can locate beach front properties, condos, residential homes, lots, farm land or development properties. Costa Rica is one of the best countries in the world to visit and a great place to invest, retire or buy a vacation home. The country is beautiful, affordable, and the people are “Pura Vida”. You will fall in love with the natural landscapes, relaxing atmosphere, perfect climate and friendly people. Pura Vida or "Pure Life", a local saying in Costa Rica, is the best way to describe the lifestyle. Our company slogan "Enjoy Life in Our Costa Rica Land!" really says it all. We want to show you the beauties of Costa Rica and you too will fall in love with our country.  Our job in Costa Rica Real Estate - Costa Rica, is not just finding you the perfect location, but making sure you get the investment at a fair price. Many of our competitors overprice properties for international buyers. We strive to be fair and provide the best possible value for our customers. The real estate market in Costa Rica is not as regulated as the U.S.A.; therefore investors have to use caution. Our goal is to identify possible problems and to protect our customers by providing them correct and trustworthy information. When purchasing homes, land, condos or properties internationally, it is important to keep in mind that your transactions will need qualified professionals with integrity and experience. Our business contacts include competent attorneys, accountants, builders, insurance agents, home inspections experts and professionals providing many other services. Many of them are fluent in English and Spanish or Arabic. Our goal is to make your journey into beautiful Costa Rica as simple as possible. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal. At Costa Rica Real Estate – Costa Rica we have identified additional services sought out by our international buyers. The first is property management and the other is mortgage financing. Based on those two needs we have developed special departments to aid you. Sometimes property owners don't have the time or experience to deal with tenants. We can ease this transaction by providing landlord contracts as well as the oversight of the property. Finding mortgages in a different country can also prove to be a challenge. Costa Rica Real Estate – Costa Rica has identified investors and banks that are willing to work with our customers and can help buyers find the necessary financing to purchase homes or properties in Costa Rica.
We also have representatives throughout Costa Rica and the USA. We work with experienced real estate agents throughout the country. We advertise extensively in local and international markets. We also share our services with others thru newsletters, brochures, flyers, local and international magazines, local and international newspaper and by referrals. If at any time you are interested in listing a home or property please feel free to contact us. 00 (506) 8695 9856 Jenaro Obando, President / Broker                                                               e-mail:
Our goal is to help you have a successful real estate transaction. Feel free to send us an email with any questions regarding a property listing or a real estate question. We can help you find the right investment property or the home of your dreams. We can even help you plan your vacation if you just want to “Enjoy Life in our Costa Rica Land!

Cattle farm for sale, Location: Corralillo de Nicoya Guanacaste, land area, 17 hectares, main route access, electricity, potable water access, flat and platform, titled, plane registered and countersigned, easy access all year. asking price $160.000, We received cash or wire bank. More info contact: Phone nunber 8522 5893 with Sander Genaro Obando.
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