Enlace Pymes - Hand made

Hand made

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We, as style fabrica, manufacture handmade, 100% leather, high quality design women’s shoes since 1994. based on the principle of “shoes are love, passion”, we intend to provide women, who share our passion and believe that they deserve better, with the quality and design in their dreams without having to bear irrational costs. Adopting quality, craftsmanship and design as our core assets, our mission is to create added value for shoe fashion market. we have many collaborations with online/offline shops and brands throughout the world as well. So far, we have reached to women in different countries, regions such as australia, eastern europe and far east. besides having our exquisite collection, we also offer customized shoes in style, color or heel size in 33-43 eu size range to fit specific needs. We also have bridal collection for brides who seek elegance and comfort in one shoe.


Style Fabrica