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Inulina de agave


Dulsweet a fructose-based sweetener that is extracted from the juice of the agave plant, of the blue tequilana weber genre. Is a product sweeter than cane sugar (approximately 1.4 times sweeter), amber color, transparent and crystalline, with a low glycemic index (21 +/- 4). nutriagaves de méxico s.A. De c.V. Is a mexican company, specialized in the production, elaboration and commercialization of blue agave syrup and soluble fiber which contains in a natural form of fructooligosaccharides (fos) and inulin, both with organic product certification. The agave syrup is commercialized under the dulsweet brand and that the soluble fiber under the olifructine brand. olifructine is a soluble fiber that is obtained from the blue agave “piña” (the pineapple-shaped heart of the agave plant) of the weber tequilana variety. This juice is constituted in a natural way, by a mix of non digestible agave fructans that are technically known as fructooligosaccharides (fos), with short chains (fos, short units of 2-10) and long chains (inulin, fructose units of 11-60). olifructine-sp ® is a diet fiber that stimulates the growth of intestinal flora acting an active agent of prebiotic type, with bifidogenic effects, also acts as a protective agent of the large intestine, preventing colon cancer and aiding in the abortion of calcium in the bones. olifructine-sp ® is a fine light beige powder, slightly sweet, crud free. Adds nutritional and technical benefits to a great variety of beverages and food products.


Nutriagaves De Mexico S.A De C.V