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Natural rubber

IDR 30 000.00

dear sir/madam, (hs 4001)

we would like to offer: natural rubber. Consist of: sir (standard indonesian rubber) 10 (field coagulum), sir 20, rss (rubber smoke sheet) and latex. Packing in bales, crates or shrink-wrapped pallets. Standard sir 20 : dirt content (% max.) = 0.20 (w/w); ash content (% max) = 1.00 (w/w); volatile matter (% max) = 0.80 (w/w); pri (min.) = 50; nitrogen (% max) = 0.60 (w/w). Product of indonesia. For any interested parties, pls kindly contact for further details. Thank you.


Cv. Starindo Gemilang