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sodium hexametaphosphate


1.Product name : sodium hexametaphosphate 2.Chemical formula: (napo3)6 3.Appearance: white powder crystal 4.Specifications: item index tech food appearance white powder total phosphate (as p2o5) content 68.0% min 68.0% min inactive phosphate (as p2o5) content 7.5% max 7.5% max water-insoluble matter 0.05% max 0.06% max heavy metals(as pb) 0.001% max arsenide (as as) 0.0003% max fluoride (as f) 0.003% max ph value 5.8-7.3 5.8-6.5 5.Packing: in 25 kg p p bag 6.Applications: use mainly as a softener and anticorrosion agent for industrial water, diffusion agent of manufacture paper, bonding agent of blast-furnace refractory, floatation agent for ore- dressing, etc. food grade can be used as quality improver in beverage, milk products and can goods etc, as ph adjuster and as metal ion adhesive, it can help to protect color of food, to emulsify fats in meat cans and to keep beer from muddling.


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