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Vinos . wines  syrah bonarda

Vinos . wines syrah bonarda


Geographic appellation: valle de tulum, san juan

vineyard area: 12 ha. (Syrah) / 13 ha. (Bonarda)

vineyard elevation: 3280 feet above sea level

vineyard age: syrah (5 years), bonarda (20 years)

canopy: parral

varietals: syrah 60% / bonarda 40%

alcohol: 13% by vol.

manufacture: classic

___________________________________________________ tasting note: our blend exhibits an intense red colour, with violet hues and aroma marked by herbs and spices (black pepper) with soft vanilla notes. This is a well-structured and balanced wine, with sweet tannins, fullness on the palate. Good marriage with red meat, game, seasoned pasta, and maturated cheeses.


Cavas De Santos