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Yr(yrks)series medium-scale

Yr(yrks)series medium-scale


Yr series medium-scale high voltage would rotor three-phase asynchronous motors(frame sizes 355-630),are our new generation products designed and manufactured by the technical personnel of our company who summarized more than ten years trial manufacture experiences for medium-scale yr series three-phase asynchronous motores and absorbed the advanced technique abroad.The mounting dimensions,power grades,electrical performance of these motors all comply with the national standard gb755-2000 rotating electrical machines—rating and performance,machine industry standard jb/t7594-94 yr series high voltage wound rotor three-phase asynchronous motor technique condition(frame sizes 355-630) and relevant iec international standard.Compare with the national design project previous,these motors reasonable,and the craft is more advanced,the motors are with features of high efficiency and power factor,low noise and vibration,reliable performance and convenience for mounting and maintaining.


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